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1. Casting different carbon steels, low alloy steels such as; GS, WCB, GS-CK45, 42CrMo4 (Mo40) and surface hardening steels such as; 1.7131

This group is mainly used in oil & gas, machinery and railway industries.

2. Casting different kind of wear resistance cast iron and steels such as high Manganese steels (Hadfield steels) with different percentage of Manganese and Molybdenum, Ni-hard cast irons and high Chromium cast iron that are used in hammers, anvil and liners in crushers.

Behriz Fooladan is professional in this group of alloys and the variety of Crusher’s parts that are listed in our product list is the most complete one.

3. Heat resistance steels that are used in high temperature application in cement, oil & gas and furnace industries, such as 1.4823, 1.4837, 1.4841, 1.4848 and etc.

4. Corrosion resistance alloys such as Stainless steels casting parts (such as; 304, 304L, 316 & 316L), Ni-resist cast iron and some special alloys like Duplex steels.

We are expert in producing pumps body and impellers that are used for salts and acid transferring lines and also in oil and gas industries, also we have produced casting parts with Nb, Ti, V, N & W content for many times.

5. Casting Nodular and Gray Cast Irons according to international standards such as DIN, BS, ASTM & etc.

BehrizFooladan co

We, Behriz Fooladan, with an expert engineering team and with two casting factories in Shamsabad industrial zone (about 30 Km from Tehran) are ready to produce different casting parts for Oil & Gas, Mines & Road Construction, Cement, Machinery and Food industries and etc. Regarding to our equipment and facilities we are able to produce casting parts from 1 – 2700 Kg. Here is a brief list of our equipment: 4000 square meter work shops Induction Furnaces: 400, 700, 2000 & 3000 Kg. Two Heat Treatment Furnaces with capacity of 2000 and 6000 Kg Two Quenching Bathes with 20 and 120 cubic meter capacity CO2 Molding Line Quantometer, chemical analysis equipment Hardness test equipment Metallographic Microscope Shot Blast unit Finishing unit   All the managing team and engineers are graduated from good and qualified universities and the products are supplied with metallurgical knowledge and according to international standards.



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